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 Post subject: shrimpswoman application
PostPosted: 28 Jun 2022, 19:57 

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1. Tell us about your character.
Including name, armory link, logs if you have any, if your gear is strange for any specific reason, those kinds of things.
been in the guild before with shalanon years ago was going to apply on my hunter but got told a lock would be better so spent time leveling one

charater= shrimpswoman
armory link= ... rimpswoman

2. Tell us about your WoW history and raiding experience.
Including when you started playing/raiding; what other classes used to be your main and when you started playing your current main; what guilds you've been in; what raiding experience you have in current and recent content, as well as further back if relevant.

think i started playing in classic about 6 months after the game was released, did mainly PVP, then went to arte et marte in TBC and starting raiding on my hunter.. i did most of that content. meet rysca there. in lick king started tanking on a paladin..did all that content... quit for a while this i was a social in this guild either during panda land or the patch before that... didnt do legion came back in BFA raided on the hunter chewii- silvermoon ( shes had a few name changes) got to 5 kills on mythic..i think, first patch on shadowlands got 6 down... the usual happened guild fell apart.. now mostly playing the lock (still working on it but im not doing to bad on dps i think.. currently at 8/11HC

issue with teh current guild is they rearly raid so looking for a new home

3. Tell us a little about yourself, outside of the game.
51 year old 2 kids 1 grandaughter... design storage networks that make modern films possible

4. We raid Thursday, Sunday, Monday most resets, which days and how many days a week are you generally interested in raiding?

can do a 3 cause i hate watching the wifes soaps... sunday i could be late as i ahve the family around till 7ish... normally kick them out by then

5. How much do you play per week outside of raids?

most nights the wife is watching rubbish between 7 and 9.. normally logout of im not doing a M+ or pugging raids

6. Why did you leave your last guild, or why are you leaving your current guild? (Can be communicated privately to an officer.)
think i put that above

7. Why are you interested in joining Lazy Peon Tavern and from where did you find out about us?

if i rememeber right you were a nice bunch with not to may kids, plus you stuck in my mind from years ago cant tell you why

8. What is your favourite thing/s in the game outside of raiding.

M+,, and if i need to unwind a few dailies

9. What annoys you the most in the game?

nothing really just the muppets that spam channels can be annoying

10. Have you read our recruit and guild information on our website, and are you 18+ years old?


11. Anything you'd like to add?

nope dont think so.

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 Post subject: Re: shrimpswoman application
PostPosted: 01 Jul 2022, 21:03 
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Hello Shrimpswoman,

Thank you for the application. I remember we had your shaman, Shalanon, in the guild as a casual for a few years. I don't remember you ever really being online or playing much during that period, but I still remember you as a nice person when you did :) We also spoke a while ago, when we were really full of hunters in the raidteam, and now that has changed somewhat - but so has your class! We definitely have space for a warlock, especially a nice person who's friends with Rysca!

Poke me or Rysca in game to be invited!


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 Post subject: Re: shrimpswoman application
PostPosted: 02 Jul 2022, 22:02 

Joined: 28 Jun 2022, 19:39
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thanks ill ping you, i need to travel for work for the next 3 weeks for for some reason they decided i need to be on the road till jully 22... i dont normally travel anymore just need to be out of the country

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